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    Erika Fisher

    I like a lot, at first I was a little scared at the level of quality. It's really tship, touched and close. At the size it is perfect, but at the thighs it is where I am most afraid. It tightens me tightly and the seams are two fingers burst. And a transparent hair, it will depend on the underwear below. I measure 1m60 is it fits me perfectly (length). And arrive really very quickly in France, the arrival was estimated at June 11 it reached me on 9. It would be better for people who have thin legs, otherwise it will quickly disturb and interfere in everyday life (because its greenhouse really) .. Yet I think I do not have such a big thigh, 51 cm the turn. The fabric remains fragile and is of the kind to cling somewhere and tear. Recommend It does not prevent for those who can not afford to offer themselves the real pants in jeans with Hearts! :) ps: My parameters: 61 size, 1m60, 51tour thigh, 82 hips.

    Coby Lesch

    very accurate design it fits perfectly on my waist! im normally an extra small in women's (and even then I have to tie the back to fit my waist) but I didn't need to tie it at all ^^ I am pretty small and petite so if your normally a small or medium definetly go a size up! (or if you have a wider waist) the only negative thing I could say about this is that the material is a bit uncomfortable it rubs unpleasantly if you haven't shaven >.

    Laurine Strosin

    Y2K Pink Pants

    Minnie Nolan

    should be larger, L size barely buttons up, but it's nice

    Lavada Bergnaum

    Super pants, my parameters are ob-98, height 175, on the Pope, of course, straight back to back, but I still like

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